Saturday, February 8, 2014

{Rhobin's Nest} A True Love Story

We always talk about preplanned weddings. When everyone is involved in the wedding, from the groom's family to the brides, the invitations are sent, the linens are picked out, the altar  is set. This wedding, however, was not like any other wedding.outdoor wedding7
 Before you read about Rhobin's fantastic ONE OF A KIND surprise wedding, let me tell you a bit about me and her. Robin has done a couple of weddings as a photographer for us before and we have become great friends.  She has always talked about this wedding and having me be her planner.  She finally did it and she called us. IMG_1146
 For her own wedding, she did the Pick Up Where We Left Off Package and we coordinated a few vendors. Her wedding was rustic and vintage themed and it was so much fun!  We got to even wear Jeans!!!   They had a fire out there because it was a pretty chilly day.  My team and I had a lot of fun, however, on the day of the wedding her DJ decided he wouldn't be able to make it! outdoor wedding3
 Yikes! Now that called for my quick thinking.  Within 1 hour I found her a DJ that saved the day for us and he was indeed amazing! Please read Rhobin's beautiful love story here.. and I'd advice you keep a hanky in hand because later don't say I didn't warn ya! outdoor wedding2 outdoor wedding5 outdoor wedding1 outdoor wedding4 Photography credits: Christina Ramirez Photography:
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hosting Happy Endings: How To Turn Your Property Into A Wedding Venue

How important is a wedding venue?

Read what experts have to say about the several factors that come into play when you have to book a wedding location for your fairy tale wedding! Head over to to see what can make your wedding location, the perfect of them all!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Guest Post: 7 Tips for Finding the Most Romantic Proposal Site

romantic proposal 1
Image Courtesy of Flickr
Your favorite restaurant might be a fancy uptown eatery or the dodgy kebab shop downstairs, but deep inside your heart you know it’s one of the most cliché places to propose in. If your girl/boy is a real-life version of Girls’ Shoshanna, aka a bundle of controversions tightly packed in one human body, this might actually work in your favor. Otherwise, try to get a bit creative. It can’t possibly hurt.

Be a stalker

Well, not all the time! But if you want to propose in a place that actually means something and you’re out of ideas even before starting to think about it, you’d better start digging for information. Girlfriends? Mom? Best high school friend? They’re all here to give you what you need. See if you can find out what her favorite place to hang out was when she was a kid. Does she have a secret love for a certain something or somewhere? Did she dream of being Queen of England when she was five?

Google the right way

If you’re googling top ten romantic places in the world you might as well stop right now, return the ring and forget about getting married. The way to your lover’s heart isn’t a back alley, so put your brain to work and start searching smart. Does she/he like Indian culture? Arrange a secret Indian getaway and propose on the plane. Do you both share a shameful love of dog shows or public auctions? Make that happen!

Don’t build up

The secret to an unexpected, but romantic proposal is not letting the build-up make the question popping too obvious. If you’re planning a trip to Paris and you end up proposing in a restaurant your abilities of sweeping someone off their feet are limited. Break the plot. Be strategically impulsive. Does that make sense?

Know her before you ask her

If your partner hates surprises and gets a real kick out of planning everything, if all they see when they think of marriage is the one-knee pose, the white dress and distressed doves flying in formation, then she probably won’t appreciate it if, one day you throw the ring box at her and yell “Wanna marry me?!” from across the room. If, on the other hand, she feels like vomiting when she sees couples getting married, she’ll most likely love you even more. So ask sly questions. Make them seem like non-questions when you push her to give her opinion. For example, while looking at a wedding dress ad online, say out loud “Doesn’t she look silly/cool.” She’ll no doubt pitch in with her wedding ideas.

Be silly

Proposing is a leap of faith. It puts you in a vulnerable position. To take the edge off, think of making it a little less formal than you imagine. Asking someone to marry you is romantic in itself, so find a place where you feel comfortable. If you both love the beach think about proposing there, or if you just bought a home together think about proposing in a romantic way in your house. romantic proposal 2
 Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Make it like a game

If you’re sure she’ll say yes (and you’re probably proposing because you think so), take her on a quest. Make the search for the ring interactive, like a treasure hunt. Just make sure it doesn’t get too complicated, if you don’t want them to say “I quit” even before you guys get married. Try to include some relationship history in your treasure hunt, for that extra romantic factor that they’ll love.

Just propose

When all else fails (you couldn’t find plane tickets, the restaurant she loved when she was a student burned down and so on), just do it. Don’t wait too long just because you want everything to be perfect. Guess what -- nothing is perfect and nothing ever will be. In fact, your marriage won’t be perfect. That’s really the whole point. Accepting imperfection and being the best friend they’ll ever have. Just don’t let your dog poop the ring, like in American Pie 3. Good luck! If you’ve already proposed in a special place, let us know in the comments section. Some desperate souls might use your ideas as much needed inspiration.

Naomi J. Shaw is a freelance writer who lives with her husband and three children in Southern California. She has contributed to many wedding and beauty blogs such as Bellezza Spa Blog. Her husband proposed to her on a trip to Hawaii, during the sunset at a secluded romantic dinner by the beach.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Asking it Right: Three Simple Lessons from the Best Celebrity Wedding Proposals

You need not be the most poetic, most romantic, most creative and most talented man on earth to pull off the best wedding proposal the love of your live deserves. You need not be a celebrity to propose like one. Take some ideas from these famous proposals and propose to her in style. Hire a proposal planner and propose in a celebrity fashion.
No. 1: It’s just YOU and ME in the world.   Heidi Klum and Seal
It was one day before Christmas Eve when singer Seal took supermodel Heidi Klum to the top of a glacier 14,000 feet above ground level. The singer popped the question to Heidi in a specially built igloo for the proposal. Lesson: Take her to a place where it feels like you’re the only two beings in the planet. Make her say YES in a very private proposal like one on top of a mountain or in a secluded beach.

No. 2: There’s always something romantic when words are written in a piece of paper. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman
The proposal story: Music executive Jordan Bratman and singer Christina Aguilera were on vacation in Carmel, California when she surprised Christina in a hotel room filled with rose petals and gift boxes. Each box contained a present and a handwritten poem made by Jordan. Bratman got down on his knees and took her hand after Christina opened the last box with a five-carat ring in it.
  Lesson: While setting a romantic atmosphere with rose petals and making her feel more special with gifts are really special, what we want you to learn here is a simple idea of giving her a letter written by you that expresses how you feel about her before popping the question.

 No. 3: Romantic and Nostalgic Rebecca Romjin and Jerry O’Connell
The proposal story: Actor Jerry O’Connell took actress Rebecca Romjin on a tour of an apartment in New York. O’Connell spent his childhood in that place and chose that personal place to ask her to become his wife.

  Lesson: Propose in a place which has a special meaning for the two of you. Why not try asking her hand for marriage in the place where you had your first kiss or where you two first met? The place where you first kiss Giving her the best proposal need not cost much yet its value can be priceless. Get these celebrity ideas and make her heart melt. Ask for a proposal planner’s help to make sure everything fall into place for a perfect marriage proposal.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cheesy, Fun, Hopelessly Romantic, Public, Private or Techy: Your Perfect Proposal

It’s your pick. Here are some cool proposal ideas for one proposal that fits her personality.

Tell the world how much you want to marry her in style. Take your pick:
  • Contact a stage manager for a themed production you prefer and propose after the curtain call. This may require a couple of arrangements so it would be best to seek a proposal planner.
  • Coordinate with family and friends to do a fun production number with you popping the question at the end of it.
  • If she likes to read newspaper, take a full-page ad where she can be surprised to read your proposal.
  •  Planning to fly with your love any time soon? Coordinate with the crew and use the loudspeaker system to propose to her at 35,000 feet.
  • Take her to a walk in the park and have family and friends gather together to have them form “Will you marry me?” phrase. You can let them wear printed shirts with letters to form the phrase or let them carry each letter made out of colored cardboards.
  • Write down 10 reasons you love her and read it in a public setting (you can coordinate with family, friends or co-workers). After reading the list, you can then do your own way of popping the question. You can say something like because of all these reasons and many more, you want to marry her.
If you want an intimate way of proposing, try any of these:
  • Write her a love letter with the proposal at the end of it. Place it in a place where she can most likely find it. If she likes to read, tuck it into the book she is reading at the moment.
  • Prepare a room filled with scented candles and rose petals. You can turn your apartment into your proposal venue or hire proposal planner to arrange a venue for you. Let there be music. Have a focal point where a ring is placed for her to see.
  • Take her to a long road trip and propose to her in that place where you two are alone.
  • Propose to her at sunset. Take her to a place (maybe by the beach) with a nice sunset view.
Make use of technology and propose to her, maybe something like of these:
  • Make a heart-melting or fun video of you two with your proposal in the end (It could be a moviemaker video or simply a recorded video of you) and upload it on YouTube. Tell her that you found a very funny video on YouTube and have her watch it.
  • Ask her to do some research on a website which you secretly created for her declaring all your love and your marriage proposal.
For more creative proposal ideas, better seek the help of proposal planners. They can give you all the help you need for a memorable marriage proposal.
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

{Infographic} 10 Most Expensive and Beautiful Engagement Rings

Every engagement ring is precious. As the saying goes "it is the thought that counts!". However, these celebrities thought they were above it all. And spent fortunes' worth to make their special someone say yes to them. 
Here's a breakdown of the top ten most expensive engagement rings presented by men to their ladies. Thanks to Finance Online for sharing this beautiful infographic with us. 

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What’s Your Bridal Personality?

Even if you haven’t found your Prince Charming just yet, it can be fun to think about what bride you would be. Would you be the whimsical dreamer, the girl that has been scrapbooking her wedding since she was 5 years old? Or would you be the Bridezilla, demanding everything be just so of both your staff and your friends, the stuff of nightmares?

While each bride is unique, many fall into one (or more!) of these amazing categories.

The Whimsical Dreamer

She’s the girl that’s been planning her special day since the day she found out she could have one. She knew what her cake, dress and seating arrangement would be 10 years before she even found Mister Right.
She’s got beautiful but unrealistic ideas of what’s going to happen on her wedding day (while a legion of toddlers wearing wings dressed like cherubs tossing white rose petals down the aisle SOUNDS fantastic, the reality is a logistical nightmare). The reception may or may not be more of a disaster, especially when only half the guests have a place to sit.

The Über Bride

The Über Bride’s motto is “Be Prepared”.
She’s like the Whimsical Dreamer with the depth and madness of her planning abilities – but she’s practical, pragmatic and super organized! She’s collected items and ideas for years, and you won’t find her anywhere near a vendor or a planner without her thick, well researched and super organized planner.
Details matter to this bride, and both the ceremony and reception will be planned down to the letter. She may get upset if things don’t go to plan, and keeping control of everything at all times is important to her.
Did You Know: Weddings, like most things in life, don’t always go exactly as planned? It’s true! We at Principals in Action will work hard to make sure your special day will not only reflect you as a couple, but create magical memories that you and your guests will cherish for years to come!

The Wishy Washy Bride

“It’s just not what I want, you know what I mean?”
This bride means well, but she’s having trouble committing to the task at hand. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants, and she’ll look at sample after sample after sample, hoping that the next thing will be the magic thing that will make the ceremony work.
Sadly, for most Wishy Washy brides, the wedding can end up a total disaster. If she can’t make the choices in time she’ll end up with a wishy-washy wedding that will be neither enjoyable nor memorable.

The Bride with the Overbearing Mom

This bride desperately wants to make her wedding reflect her and her husband to be’s desires and wishes, but her mom (or worse, mother in law) won’t get out of the way. Mom will repeatedly go on and on about how this is her wedding and it’s her way of the highway.
Her mother may even go so far as to sabotage relationships with vendors or change seating arrangements and meal selections behind the bride’s back – always trying to help, of course. This bride will be helpless to defy her mother… without help!

The Shoestring Budget Bride

This bride has dreams of opulence – rented ballrooms, banquet halls and silk banners falling from the 3 story rafters in a beautiful centuries old church…
But she’s on a shoestring budget. She needs help figuring out what kind of wedding she can really afford, not just dream about. A mix of the Dreamer and Wishy Washy bride types, things can get messy – but with some saving, careful planning and ingenuity she can (as Tim Gunn always says) make it work!
You may actually fit into one or more of these bridal archetypes (or none at all, everyone’s different!) – but no matter who you are, Principals in Action has been planning beautiful weddings in San Antonio and will help you get the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. Get your free consultation by filling out our free consultation form, phone us at 210 833 6473 or email us at and get started today!

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